Jack Secret - Mark Irwin and Dan Panosian

Enter the world of Legendary!

Jack, Diane and Mo

Welcome to Jack Secret's world!

Meet Jack Secret, a young orphan living in Legendary, Wisconsin. Jack has problems typical of a displaced life- a doddering, nearly senile grandfather to take care of at home. Thoughts and questions about his parents and their deaths. Odd neighbors, bullies at school, and a general sense of disquietude around Legendary only seek to amplify Jack's unease.

But Jack is headed for something big- whether he knows it or not.

Mysterious Package

When a mysterious package arrives at the Secret house, Jack is thrust headfirst into danger. His grandfather, suddenly lucid and very much the man of action, pushes Jack out of the house in the middle of the night, on the run from a horrifying entity. These events and more only serve to raise questions about Jack's heritage and what kind of malevolence lies beneath the sleepy fa├žade of Legendary...

Jack Secret is a story of adventure, intrigue, legacy, and a young boy's journey to learn who he truly is and embrace his destiny.

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