Jack Secret - Mark Irwin and Dan Panosian

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Jack, Diane and Mo

Grandpa John Secret

Jack's grandfather, and de facto leader of the Syndicate. In his youth at the dawn of the 20th century, John Secret (very Race Bannon-like) wanted to explore the world and discover all the hidden things lost through time on every continent. As he began this quest, other adventurers of like mind joined him, allowing them to conquer dangers none would have beaten alone. Originally from Ames, Iowa. Raising Jack since the disappearance of Jack's parents, John is a salt of the earth kind of guy, and the one good thing about Jack's life. He loves hockey, and does his best to help Jack brush off the indignities of growing up in a tough town like Legendary. However, his health has started to decline, and Jack is worried he may lose the only relative he has. A relative whose past is as amazing as his present is bland.

Diane Broon

Jack's neighbor, friend, and occasional nuisance, Diane Broon is home-schooled, awkward, and seemingly prescient. Her home schooling seems to involve almost witch-like activities, in addition to snooping on the sickened John Secret. Despite her odd behavior, Diane is Jack's only friend.


A giant, talking black dog, and seeming ally to Jack Secret. He is from a race called the Protectors, called upon to deliver Jack to his destiny. Despite an unflappable demeanor, he finds out protecting Jack won't be easy. But Mo is powerful, and has his own destiny to fulfill.


A creature of another plane, a sort of bloodhound sent to track down and destroy Jack Secret, and retrieve the powerful talisman Jack carries, the Bag.


A short order cook at Pollie's Diner, and a surprisingly powerful ally for Jack during a dark moment, he gives his life to help Jack escape certain destruction.


another short order cook, and traitor to Ernesto's cause. He tries to kill Jack and Diane, but is killed by Ernesto.

Mayor Lucius Figg

The mayor of Legendary, Wisconsin. Coming from a long line of Figgs, the family that had shaped the town of Legendary so long ago, Lucius' stated goal is to keep the town, "quiet, safe, and unnoticed." Unfortunately, his brother Newton has other goals…

Newton Figg

A seeming miser and unfriendly citizen of Legendary, he reveals his true nature to Lucius, John Secret, and the rest of Legendary after Jack receives the Bag.

Mistress Of The SweetWoods

A hideous creature with an innocent face, the Mistress laces the SweetWoods with ghostly smells and sounds to lure her prey within so she can devour them. One of the many creatures inhabiting Antipoedus that held no love for humans.

Groor Of The Grey Clan

Another Protector, he is sent by his clan to retrieve Jack and Diane upon their entry to Antipoedus.

The Green King

A shadowy figure who seemingly rules Antipoedus, and the main adversary of Jack and his quest.

The Adventurer Syndicate:

Masayoshi Takeda

Banished scion of a noble Japanese house, Masayoshi had the skill set of a ninja, despite his dwarfism. He died in the 1940's, but his son, Kazuhiro, longs to follow in his father's footsteps. Kazuhiro is not a dwarf. Masayoshi hails from Aomori, Japan.

Teiko Tikaani

From Greenland, his surname means, "wolf" in his native Inuit. A simple hunter, his canoe got lost at sea, landing him in Denmark. Without the ability to speak (a narwhal took his tongue), and no money, Teiko began travelling through northern Europe hunting for a way home. He met John Secret in Oslo during the affair of King Sverre's fortune.


A Buryan by birth, Agvan is Buddhist, an expert horseman, archer, and hawkmaster. Leaving his home west of Lake Baikal, Agvan travelled the whole of Russia and into southeastern Europe, meeting up with John Secret in Constantinople.

Ariana O'Shea

An Australian woman of mixed Aboriginal and Scottish descent, Ariana O'Shea spent her youth sailing between Sumatra, New Guinea, Australia and as far out as Easter Island, all in search of clueless foreigners that she could steal from, and native treasures no one else would know about. When John Secret caught up to her after losing the sacred crown of Bundo Kanduang to her, they began a torrid affair.

Felix Roux

A trapper working for the Hudson's Bay Company near Melville Sound, Canada, Felix Roux was immense, loud and loved a party. No one could out-drink, out-wrestle, or out-brag Roux. It wasn't until he met John Secret that Roux finally found someone he could look up to.

Ibrahim Aminu

A Fulani by way of Timbuktu, Ibrahim Aminu, like most of his people, was a nomad, stopping only long enough to pick up whatever knowledge he felt he lacked at the time. This scholarly pursuit of life created many dangerous situations, which is how he met John Secret (on Ascension Island, trying to learn the ways of the British mariners who were garrisoned there).